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Fastlane CI + Build Engineering Package

  • Want to create + upload a new TestFlight with one button?
  • Want to have separate apps for Beta and App Store versions?
  • Want a Slack update immediately when new builds are available?

This package will allow your team to ship code faster, reduce development time, and get features into users’ hands sooner.

Included in this package:

  • a Fastlane-based CI system that will build your app for up to 3 different environments (e.g. Production, Staging, Test)
  • deployment on a cloud CI platform of your choice (Bitrise, Travis, Xcode Cloud, etc)
  • a streamlined, self-managed build numbering system
  • separate data tracking between builds in third-party services (e.g. crashes, analytics, etc)
  • Slack updates for new builds


Over the last 7 years, I’ve built more than 10 different production-grade Fastlane CI systems from scratch for teams of all sizes.

From the day Josh started working at Evidation, he helped us reshape and improve our iOS development process. He set up a Beta version of our application which allowed us put out weekly development releases and fine tune things before production releases.

- Amanda Moreland (link)

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